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The Weyhe Gallery Between the Wars, 1919-1940

by Reba White Williams

A dissertation by Reba White Williams, PhD, submitted to the Graduate Faculty in Art History in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, The City University of New York. Reba White Williams, art historian, collector, writer, and philanthropist, writes about the Erhard Weyhe Gallery located at 794 Lexington Avenue, NYC; founded by Erhard Weyhe in 1919. The Gallery was a leading dealer in, and promoter of, American prints in the first half of the 20th century. 617 pages. 77 illus. Privately printed. (Note: this edition was printed in response to complaints about the inexpensive microfilm edition, in which the illustrations are illegible.)

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Table of Contents of The Weyhe Gallery Between the Wars




1.  Prints in the United States, 1900 - 1918
2.  The Establishment of the Weyhe Gallery, 1919 - 1923
3.  "Greetings from the House of Weyhe," 1923 - 1927
4.  "Los Tres Grandes" and the Weyhe Gallery, 1927 - 1931
5.  "It was the best of times…," 1928 - 1931
6.  The Sculptor - Printmakers, 1932 - 1940
7.  The Depression and its Aftermath, 1932 - 1940
8.  Conclusion: 1940





1.  Weyhe Gallery Catalogues, 1913 - 1940
2.  Chronological List of Weyhe Gallery Exhibitions
3.  The Prints of Andrée Ruellan
4.  Mabel Dwight, A Decade of Lithography, 1927 - 1937
5.  European Sculptors and the Weyhe Gallery
6.  Arnold Rönnebeck (1885 - 1947)
7.  The Prints of John B. Flannagan
8.  Critics and the Weyhe Gallery

List of Illustrations

An important source for the dissertation were the Weyhe Gallery scrapbooks. The scrapbooks can be consulted at The New York Public Library's Print Room, and at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The dissertation could not have been written without the assistance of Gertrude Weyhe Dennis (1915-2003), daughter of Erhard Weyhe. The Weyhe Gallery is today run by Deborah Kiley, Erhard Weyhe's granddaughter,


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